Let it fly Automated yield optimization across any screen

YIELD ON THE RISE Automated yield optimization across any screen

TIME TO LIFT Automated yield optimization across any screen

Complexity out. Yield in.

Cedato provides cross-screen automated video advertising delivery and yield optimization solutions.

Facing the challenging dynamics of online video advertising, Cedato enables you to focus on generating business, while our technology guarantees viewers get the best viewing experience and you gain the maximum yield.

Delivery. Yield. Lift.

Cedato provides a suite of in-stream and in-place video solutions that streamline video ad delivery across any screen and placement, automatically and algorithmically optimizing yield and fill-rate of unlimited sources and campaigns. We help publishers and ad platforms to maximize revenue, supply and results, with a seamless video technology that works on any desktop or mobile device.

Predictive Video Technology Solutions


Cedato’s solution for serving video ads on standard video content placements provides streamlined syndication of unlimited number of video advertising campaigns (tags) and large-player supply sources, with automated yield and fill rate-optimization. We offer a self-optimizing intelligent master tag that contains unlimited VAST/VPAID tags and supply sources, and can be seamlessly used in any ad platform or exchange.


Cedato’s solution for serving video ads on non-video content enables to create incremental video inventory from existing non-video placements on desktop and mobile (such as banners and apps). We offer a JS tag with a built-in self-optimizing intelligent video player that aggregates unlimited demand sources and automatically optimizes yield and fill-rate by selecting the best demand source for any given impression.

Optimizing 10B Impressions
per month
Enhancing 1M+ Web sites
Boosting 10K+ Simultaneous