Smart Video Delivery

Cedato’s unified cross-screen video technology delivers the most valuable and consistent video experience across any screen, placement and device, seamlessly connecting to any trading platform. Use Cedato’s smart video player with a simple HTML/JS-embed tag, or use our smart VAST tag to load on existing video player configurations.

Native|Outstream Video

Create new premium high-engagement video ad units that appear natively on exiting non-video content and assets.

In Place Video

Deliver video content and ads within standard desktop and mobile display units such as banners and interstitials.

In Stream Video

Deliver video ads on standard linear video content across desktop, mobile and TV screens and placements.

CedatoX | Private Marketplace

CedatoX is a private marketplace, enabling a simple, private and direct trading connection between any two Cedato seat members, with easy set up and improved optimization. Every Cedato seat member can offer media supply or demand to another member, with terms set privately and directly between both parties, and executed over a server-level connection on the Cedato platform. CedatoX opens a wealth of opportunities, simplifies connectivity, reduces configuration and trafficking hassle, and minimizes any client-side latency.

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Open Video API

Cedato’s Open Video API is an easy programming interface for the Cedato smart video player. It offers a framework for rapidly developing native video advertising experiences and innovative ways to engage with viewers, maximizing inventory supply, engagement and results.

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