The Road to Dmexco – Part 3

Why aren’t all outstream video platforms equal?

What has header bidding got to do with it? Outstream video advertising, known also as in-content or in-article, is trending heavily these days. Its popularity can be attributed to the seamless viewer experience, the contextual opportunity and its ability to generate revenue without creating custom content. Given the multiple opportunities for inventory, outstream video is … Continued

The Road to Dmexco – Part 2

What’s surprisingly missing at Dmexco this year? Hint – the rise of SaaS-based models in digital advertising Cedato’s “Road to Dmexco Series” reviews program highlights, trends and topics leading up to digital advertising’s main event. See below our second post in the series. In our last article in ‘The Road to Dmexco Series’ we focused … Continued

Cedato CEO speaks at Advertising Week EU

Ron Dick, founder and CEO of Cedato, speaks about ‘Cross Screen Video’ at Advertising Week EU Advertising Week Europe is the premier event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals. Boasting more that 220 events in 5 days, including over 200 seminars and workshops, endless opportunities to learn, network and liaise with the industry’s best, … Continued