Deep Technology Foundation Driving Outstanding Performance

Cedato’s proprietary state of the art technology foundation integrates a set of advanced disciplines to create a unique and highly scalable cross-screen video delivery and algorithmic yield optimization platform. Navigating today’s online video ecosystem is challenging and complex, requiring publishers, networks and ad platforms to handle an ever increasing variety of target devices and player technologies, formats and latency issues, as well as a multitude of potential monetization sources and platforms. Built from the ground up for video, Cedato stands out with a unified platform that simplifies every aspect of managing a large scale video advertising operation, generating the maximum yield and guaranteeing viewers get the best viewing experience.

Video Header Bidding

A common supply-side practice is to “waterfall” potential demand sources, sending each impression in succession to top monetization partners until it is fulfilled. The inevitable result is long latency and lower fill rates, issues that escalate substantially when dealing with video ads.

For publishers and marketers seeking more competitive options in real time, Cedato’s predictive, programmatic process for video header bidding is key. This method offers the ability to trade in real time while substantially increasing yield and fill rates. At the same time, the video header bidding process also upholds the viewer experience, avoiding additional latency to page loading times.

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Cross-Device Video Delivery

We’re living in cross-screen world. Over 50% of time spent on digital media is taking place on smartphones and tablets, yet reaching these viewers takes an ever increasing variety of target devices, player technologies and formats. Desktop browser-based playback is changing as well – Flash was the predominant player technology up until recently and is still in wide use, but now native HTML5 video is all the rage.
Cedato’s unified cross-device video technology provides a unified player solution that simplifies management and eliminates latency problems and other related issues. The solution delivers streamlined, high quality and consistent video experience across any screen, browser, device and platform.

Effortless Integration

Our solution has been designed with simplicity in mind, making is easy to get up and running in no time, whether you’d running video ads in-stream on an existing player, or in-place on non-video content.

Cedato player

A self-optimizing intelligent player in a tag, that aggregates unlimited demand sources to generate the optimal fill rate and yield, supporting both HTML5 and Flash.

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Cedato tag

A self-optimizing intelligent wrapper tag, that syndicated unlimited large-player VAST/VPAID tags and supply sources to generate the optimal fill rate and yield. The Cedato Tag can be seamlessly used in any ad platform or exchange.

Simple and Powerful UI

Cedato keeps you in full control at all times with easy to use, secure web access for managing your inventory and campaigns. Manage demand and supply sources, pricing and campaign settings, configure white lists and black lists, and activate additional CDN and content services. Keep on top of revenue, profitability and performance with in-depth reports and real-time dashboards.