Video Header Bidding is a video-first approach to the revolutionary display technology of header bidding that yields a hybrid solution offering publishers better yield, higher fill rates, lower latency and lower risk of ad delivery failure.


How does Video Header Bidding achieve these benefits?

Video Header Bidding combines both client-side technology and server-side technology to deliver the most effective optimization for all video-essential parameters, not just price.


Server-side optimization

On the server side it performs the ‘heavy lifting’ with a predictive optimization process, taking into account multiple data points. Here it captures the widest range of available bidding sources before shortlisting the optimum set and sending it back to the client for action.


Client-side optimization

On the client side hybrid video header bidding validates “last mile” video ad delivery by detecting potential VAST / VPAID errors and solving them during the bidding process.


To learn more, see our Header Bidding Infographics.