1 of 5 US publishers is turning to hybrid header bidding

This week eMarketer released a new study showing the growing adoption of hybrid header bidding among US sites.
Given the head-spinning pace at which technology and standards have been changing in the industry, the study was able to demonstrate a significant rise in adoption over just the past six months. Publishers today are beginning to understand that their bottom line is at risk when not implementing the right optimization technology, especially where video is concerned. Latency has been taking a toll on them, decimating quality impressions.
We have clearly entered a new era where publishers are moving up to the front row of this show. According to eMarketer’s study, hybrid header bidding adoption among US sites has risen by more than 50% since September 2017. Today’s overall adoption exceed’s 20% of the market. We’ve come a long way since Waterfall optimization reigned the ecosystem. And the dominance of Server-to-Server is soon to be short-lived as its partial optimization just isn’t cutting it.
The multiple challenges faced by publishers today are making it increasingly difficult to maximize monetization from video. However, when putting in place the right tech stack, combined with predictive technology, most hurdles can be overcome, generating higher yield and improved viewing experience. Publishers are discovering that in addition to server side optimization, they cannot afford to overlook the critical delivery verification stage that takes place on the client side. Thus, the winning combination of server and client side optimization in a tightly integrated hybrid video header bidding package.
For more information on the intricacies of header bidding optimization for video, check out our webinar on-demand.