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Cedato's automated Ads.txt generator is designed to help publishers create the IAB compliant Ads.txt file and audit existing Ads.txt files for discrepancies. Enter your site domain for a complete list of all advertising platforms active on your site, and automatically generate you ads.txt file.
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Why do you need Ads.txt?
The Ads.txt initiative was created by the IAB to strengthen the level of transparency and help bring more trust and control to the advertising value chain. It enables publishers to identify who can represent their inventory and who can sell or resell it in an Ads.txt file that resides at the root of their domain, while enabling buyers to accept bids for domains only from their authorized sellers. The process was designed to help publishers gain more control over their revenue value chain, and help buyers gain more validity of the inventory they are buying. Cedato offers this automated Ads.txt generation tool to help publishers take another step toward programmatic transparency.

Why is Ads.txt so important?
Since its recent launch, Ads.txt has been gaining more and more traction from across the ecosystem.
The key benefit Ads.txt offer to publishers is enhanced transparency and visibility into who is selling their inventory and where. A missing or partial Ads.txt file can bear a substantial price to publishers, as it will significantly jeopardize its revenue stream. Be sure to audit your site frequently and update your Ads.txt file to avoid revenue loss. Cedato's Direct Publishers who implement Ads.txt will be prioritized on the new Cedato Marketplace.
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