Cedato claims header bidding next big thing in programmatic

Faultline Online Reporter, March 23, 2017. Last week we made a bold prediction that the upfront market is approaching its inevitable collapse, and perhaps a testament to that is how a host of budding online ad tech start-ups are thriving. Faultline Online Reporter spoke to one such company called Cedato this week, an Israeli firm which has grown to 45 employees in just 18 months – handling a video budget of $200 million and running 15 billion video views a month.

Cedato provides programmatic software to publishers and networks for serving online ads, for which it has built its own proprietary algorithms to measure in “real-time” (a term we use tentatively), which platform is the best source, based on a score mechanism.

Cedato CMO, Dvir Doron, mentioned to Faultline Online Reporter that Cedato is a “silent giant” in the online video ad world…Read More>>