Cedato Improves Video Demand Verification through Playleaks Technology Integration

With the new Playleaks technology integration, Cedato now provides the industry’s most comprehensive protection for the entire programmatic video transactional chain.

 New York, September 5, 2018 – Cedato, the leading programmatic operating system for video, today announces its partnership with cyber security company, Playleaks, adding a new integration with its ad verification solution. The new partnership creates a unique, automated protective layer that ensures an efficient, malware-resistant transaction chain.

For publishers, programmatic processes such as video header bidding, marketplace and open exchange transactions increase the exposure to suspicious activity as they enable access to multiple unverified demand partners, where some non-authenticated ad sources may be introduced. Though programmatic transactioning has greatly improved yield optimization for publishers, it has also increased their risk and exposure to programmatic ailments such as malicious ads, bad ads and ads that degrade user experience. Such implications as well as the blatant exploitation of user and publisher resources, threaten to negatively affect the publisher’s loading time and brand.

Playleaks brings to the industry a unique expertise in identifying suspicious digital behaviors within complex programmatic video campaigns. The technology, powered by artificial intelligence pattern recognition capabilities, is able to automatically pinpoint any breach on the protocol or script level, anywhere in the demand chain. Once a breach is identified, the responsible demand source is automatically disabled and blocked by Cedato, allowing for a seamless process, free of interruptions attributed to malware.

As part of this automated process, the Playleaks ad security platform generates a surgical analysis of the demand chain by mapping out the entire path including all of the demand sources propagating from the chain of calls. Such demand sources are usually not visible to the publisher. In the event of suspicious activity, the Playleaks technology identifies and isolates the specific demand source responsible for it in real-time, thereby eliminating the offensive demand chain.

“With 15 billion video views powered by Cedato each month, we are a critical lifeline for many publishers and ad platforms. As such we have an obligation to stay on top of any disruptions that may occur in our system.” said Yair Miranda, COO of Cedato, “Playleaks has demonstrated capabilities on several crucial occasions that enabled our customers to carry on their business, uninterrupted, with the issue detected and blocked in a matter of minutes.”

The Playleaks technology is integrated into the Cedato Premium Video Marketplace along with proprietary and 3rd party IVT, viewability and filtering technologies offering increased authentication and automated blocking of malicious activity. This additional protection layer is already available to Cedato and Playleaks publisher and platform customers.

“Having extensive experience in cyber security and malware detection, Playleaks was founded with the mission to create a more surgical approach to analyzing malicious ads in programmatic advertising.” said Tal Dick, CEO, Playleaks.

About Playleaks

Playleaks is an ad verification solution provider designed to protect publishers and ad platforms from programmatic ailments such as malicious ads, bad ads, ads that degrade user experience and fraudulent activity originating from demand partners. The Playleaks ad security platform automatically identifies the demand source where malicious activity originates, in real time, allowing for an uninterrupted monetization flow. For more information, visit www.playleaks.com