Cedato Named Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

The Growth Partnership Company Recognizes Cedato’s Impact on the Global Video Advertising Industry

TEL AVIV, April 4, 2017 – Cedato, the leading programmatic operating system for video, has been named Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in the Video Advertising Industry by growth partnership company Frost & Sullivan. The SaaS-based, cross-screen video advertising technology company has been identified as achieving excellence across all industry benchmarks, including entrepreneurial innovation and customer impact.

With over 50 years of experience in identifying emerging industry technologies, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Cedato’s unique positioning as a strategic disruptor in the programmatic video industry. Its game-changing approach is grounded in algorithms, which uniquely apply header-bidding principles to modern video advertising in a transparent and highly effective fashion. Frost & Sullivan’s global team of analysts continuously researches various markets, identifying key companies that display a true entrepreneurial spirit in creating innovative market solutions.

“We’re honored to be recognized as an innovator in the video advertising industry,” said Ron Dick, founder and CEO of Cedato. “We developed our video header-bidding solution to address some of the most common frustrations that publishers experience when running video ads. This award is a fantastic vote of confidence from the industry in our vision of a video operating system.”

“Amidst a frustrated and locked-in market, Cedato has emerged as a disruptive, technology-centric vendor whose goal is to cut through latency and waste”, states Frost & Sullivan Analyst Avni Rambhia. “Through a multi-pronged approach spanning player, yield intelligence layer, API, and exchange components, Cedato is freeing up companies to realize the full potential of programmatic video advertising.” Rambhia concludes, “With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an agile, automated SaaS approach, Cedato is constructively disrupting its target market.”

Cedato’s hybrid approach to video header bidding diminishes the common pain points in server-side header bidding and client-side header bidding, helping publishers, marketers, and ad platforms worldwide to power over 15 billion video views per month across 2 million sites. Cedato recently released a visual infographic and whitepaper that helps inform the market about the challenges and benefits of the various approaches for video header bidding (can be viewed here).

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