Cedato offers Video Tech Stack for Publishers

This is the first such package by the native video provider for mid-tier site and app publishers

Native video provider Cedato is out today with a Tech Stack for Publishers that is designed to increase its customer base among mid-sized publishers of sites and apps.

This all-in-one stack contains features that the firm has been offering to its upper-tier clients, CMO Dvir Doron told me. But the new version is simplified in implementation, pricing and usability. A publisher can utilize the package with one tag, avoiding the need to integrate components.

There is a video player to deliver video ads or content, a video ad server, a hybrid video header bidding engine with client- and server-side features, outstream video units, an open API for developing custom outstream formats, and a self-service user interface.

There is also the CedatoX private video marketplace. Previously, Doron said, publishers could connect with demand partners on a one-to-one basis in the marketplace, but the newest incarnation allows publishers to reach aggregated demand partners en masse. This marketplace connects programmatically with hundreds of media platforms and advertisers, generating more than 15 billion video impressions monthly in more than 2 million sites and apps.

Doron said his company’s previous focus had been on large publishers that frequently dealt with multiple ad tech partners. This new package is Cedato’s first push into the mid-tier, such as sites whose traffic is rated below position 2000 by Alexa.