Cedato Releases Contextual Programmatic Video Targeting Tool For the GDPR Era

In the wake of the implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and amid heightened concerns about user privacy and tech companies’ data collection practices, one of the burning questions facing the digital marketing industry is how it will continue to serve targeted ads without either creeping out consumers or infringing on nascent regulations.

With those trends in mind, programmatic video marketing firm Cedato is announcing this morning a new tool that corresponds to GDPR-era privacy rules while maintaining the efficacy of cutting-edge ad targeting techniques.

The machine learning-based tool, branded as Contextual Lookalike Targeting technology, relies on successful patterns of past video marketing campaigns (hence: contextual lookalike) to deliver future campaigns at ideal times and places based on an advertiser’s preferred KPIs.

“By identifying patterns within our video transactions, we are able to provide our advertiser customers with a steady sense of control despite the turbulent market forces we are all experiencing,” said Ron Dick, CEO of Cedato, in a press release distributed by the company.


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