Cedato Showcases Hybrid Video Header Bidding Solution at MWC

Powering 15 billion video views each month, Cedato’s software takes aim as new industry standard

With programmatic advertising spend in the United States expected to top $10.65 billion by 2018, combined with the global appetite for video, a real need has emerged for a programmatic advertising solution that works for video. Cedato’s hybrid approach to video header bidding diminishes the common pain points in server-side header bidding and client-side header bidding. Cedato currently helps publishers, marketers and ad platforms worldwide to power over 15 billion video views per month across 2 million sites.

“The advertising industry has been forced to make due with programmatic header bidding technologies intended specifically for display for far too long” said Ron Dick, founder and CEO of Cedato and a video ad-tech veteran, “yet the complexities and high fees commanded by programmatic video highlight the need for a video-specific technology.”

“With our hybrid approach to video header bidding, we are able to provide a more efficient solution that incorporates the advantages of both the client and server-sides, without the shortcomings that the industry has been struggling to mitigate.”

Cedato recently published an infographic and white paper exploring the expanding need for a solution for programmatic video transactions. The white paper takes an in-depth look at the inherent issues with both client and server-side header bidding technologies, explaining why a hybrid approach to header bidding offers the ideal solution.

About Cedato 
Cedato created an open video operating system with all the building blocks to deliver and optimize video transactions, using a disruptive SaaS-based model. We enable all publishers and marketers to transform viewing experience over mobile, web and connected TV, lifting engagement, supply and business results. Our predictive programmatic software and private marketplace power 15B video views per month across 2M sites. Founded in 2015, Cedato operates from New York and Tel Aviv. For more information visit https://cedato.comor follow us on Twitter at @CedatoTech.