Cedato welcomes new mobile video auto-play functionality on Android Chrome 53 and iOS 10 Safari

Recent tweaks in Google Chrome 53 on Android and the launch of iOS 10 and the updated Safari browser have ushered in some welcoming changes in mobile video. Both Chrome and Safari are now enabling silent mobile video autoplay (while video with sounds will still require user initiation to start playing).

To date, both Chrome and Safari browsers compelled mobile viewers to tap the video in a webpage to enable it to play in a bid to eliminate a bunch of videos with audio to play automatically when scrolling. Now, no more interaction will be needed; video with no audio track will play automatically when visible and will automatically pause when out of sight. Alongside these developments, video encoded inline will no longer default to full-screen when played. With its introduction to Facebook feeds, users are now familiar with the format and could adapt quickly.

The outcome is a smoother, more positive experience for most users, and we expect this to substantially increase consumption of auto-play video on mobile.

Cedato’s open Video Operating System will enable partners to take advantage of this new development and make monetization of in-place mobile video easier to achieve. The company has rolled out native support for Chrome 53 on Android and iOS10 Safari’s new options to ensure publishers and marketers derive maximum benefits from these new adjustments.