The WiR: Accenture Touts AI-Driven Programmatic Video, Google is Experimenting with VR Ads, ISBA Says Fox’s Takeover of Sky is ‘Threat to Advertisers’, July 26. In this week’s Week in Review: Meetrics and SpotX are joining forces for video audience verification and attention data, YouTube is reportedly offering $3 refunds to advertisers over brand safety actions, and the ISBA has criticised Fox’s takeover of Sky as a ‘threat to advertisers’. To receive an update on the … Continued

Publishers Need a Tech Stack Built for Video: Q&A with Dvir Doron, Cedato, July 20, 2017 Out of the challenges publishers face, being technically prepared for the complexities video presents is at the top of the list for such a valuable revenue channel. Dvir Doron (pictured below), CMO, Cedato, speaks with ExchangeWire about the importance of tightly integrated technology and the advantages of video header bidding. ExchangeWire: … Continued

Cedato offers Video Tech Stack for Publishers, July 18, 2017 This is the first such package by the native video provider for mid-tier site and app publishers   Native video provider Cedato is out today with a Tech Stack for Publishers that is designed to increase its customer base among mid-sized publishers of sites and apps. This all-in-one stack contains features that the … Continued

Cedato Launches New Video Tech Stack For Publishers, /, July 18, 2017 All-in-one video tech stack empowers publishers with out-of-the-box Video Header Bidding and streamlined video monetization. Cedato, a company offering a programmatic operating system for video, today announces the launch of its Cedato for Publishers video technology stack. The new platform is designed to give mid-sized publishers a simple way … Continued

Cedato Launches the New Programmatic Video Tech Stack for Publishers

 PRWeb, July 18, 2017.  All-in-one video tech stack empowers publishers with out-of-the-box Video Header Bidding and streamlined video monetization   Cedato, the leading programmatic operating system for video, today announces the launch of its Cedato for Publishers video technology stack. The new platform is designed to give mid-sized publishers a simple to implement, all in-one programmatic … Continued

10 Ways To Protect Advertisers From Growing Ad Fraud Problems

While fixing this problem isn’t likely to be simple, 10 Forbes Agency Council members talk about what can be done to protect advertisers. 1. Utilize Pre-Bid Data Solutions In Your DSP By leveraging pre-bid data segments through your demand-side platform (DSP), you can protect clients from ad fraud before they go live. This data is integrated from companies … Continued

The Future Of Advertising Is Nothing But SaaS

Forbes Agency Council guest post by Dvir Doron, CMO of Cedato, May 19th Advertising technology software has grown in recent years as networks, exchanges and analytics suites have brought targeting, automation and measurement superpowers to advertisers and publishers. But whereas venture investors poured money into ad tech just two short years ago, the outlook has turned … Continued

Cedato Wins 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

The Annual List Recognizes Cedato’s Innovation in Advertising Technology TEL AVIV (PRWEB) MAY 09, 2017. Cedato, the leading programmatic operating system for video, has been chosen as a Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award Winner. Cedato’s SaaS-based programmatic video technology has been recognized for excellence in the advertising technology industry. The award recognizes the most … Continued

Follow The Dollars Toward Video Advertising’s Unstoppable Growth

Forbes Agency Council, May 9th, Dvir Doron, CMO of Cedato, has over 18 years of leadership experience in marketing, from start-ups to publicly traded global corporations. TV is still an unquestionable behemoth when it comes to advertising, but digital video has become the fastest growing medium, driving the overall digital spend to soon surpass U.S. … Continued

Don’t Put All Your Programmatic Video Eggs in One Basket, April 26, 2017. There are myriad opportunities for publishers to leverage the growth of video. However, warns Ron Dick (pictured below), CEO and founder, Cedato, video in 2017 looks markedly different from when publishers first started testing the medium. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Dick explains how diversification and playing by your own rules are the keys to … Continued

Key Publisher Strategies for Operating in the Programmatic Video Landscape, April 26th, a guest post by Dvir Doron, CMO, Cedato. According to J.P Morgan programmatic video in the US alone is tipped to grow 12% in 2017 compared to 2016 and is growing faster than search. WHY IS PROGRAMMATIC VIDEO SO CONFUSING? Despite competition from Google and Facebook, the growth in mobile video and … Continued

Are You Using Your Header? How To Maximize Header Bidding, April 20th. Adotas caught up wth Dvir Doron, CMO of Cedato , to get his opinion about header bidding and how to maximize the process. Q: How is most of the market approaching header bidding? A: Header bidding–and video header bidding in particular–is more intricate than the market realizes. Many are exploring these intricate … Continued

Cedato Named Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

The Growth Partnership Company Recognizes Cedato’s Impact on the Global Video Advertising Industry TEL AVIV, April 4, 2017 – Cedato, the leading programmatic operating system for video, has been named Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in the Video Advertising Industry by growth partnership company Frost & Sullivan. The SaaS-based, cross-screen video advertising technology company has been … Continued

Cedato claims header bidding next big thing in programmatic

Faultline Online Reporter, March 23, 2017. Last week we made a bold prediction that the upfront market is approaching its inevitable collapse, and perhaps a testament to that is how a host of budding online ad tech start-ups are thriving. Faultline Online Reporter spoke to one such company called Cedato this week, an Israeli firm which … Continued

Facebook Looks to Partners to Build Header Bidding Tool

Media Post, by Tobi Elkin, March 25th Facebook’s announcement this week that it would officially enter the header bidding space wasn’t all that surprising, given the fact that the platform has been testing the system for months. However, what’s a little more surprising is that it’s turning to partners including AppNexus, Amazon Publishers Services, Index Exchange, … Continued

Cedato Showcases Hybrid Video Header Bidding Solution at MWC

Powering 15 billion video views each month, Cedato’s software takes aim as new industry standard TEL AVIV (PRWEB) MARCH 02, 2017. Cedato, leading provider of an operating system for powering video transactions, today announces its commitment to promoting a hybrid solution for video header bidding, combining both client-side and server-side advantages. Cedato’s SaaS based operating … Continued

The MarTech Advisor, Editor-in-Chief Interview with Dvir Doron, CMO at Cedato

February 13th, 2017,  Dvir Doron, CMO at Cedato, shares his expertise on the video advertising ecosystem and discusses what goes into running new high-impact native outstream video to enhance viewer engagement. When he takes a break from martech, he likes listening to rock music, scifi and working out – “when I get time between … Continued

People of Ad Tech: Cedato CMO Dvir Doron

February 1, 2017, The Make Good,  Cedato CMO Dvir Doron tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about two big trends in online video advertising: programmatic video and outstream. Doron sees a bright future for video header bidding, and expects outstream video to mature and expand.