Cedato launches video supply path optimization

Cedato, a programmatic platform for video, has launched its video supply path optimisation technology, a cornerstone product in its new CedatoX premium marketplace. Aiming to shorten and optimise the supply path, the marketplace will also come with customised quality verification and an invalid traffic detection layer, to improve video yield and performance, without compromising quality.

Ron Dick, CEO, Cedato

Cedato is aiming to transform the DSP ecosystem with three new solutions. Video Supply Path Optimisation, where predictive algorithms and direct-to-player optimisation works with Cedato’s video header bidding technology to provide an optimised process to both advertisers and publishers, and prevent video bidding duplication. Marketplace, the premium video marketplace called CedatoX, that enables partners to access in-stream and native video supply and includes fraud and viewability filtering. And Quality Verification, which includes pre-bid and post-bid verification for all traffic that it’s compliant with industry standards.

Ron Dick, CEO, Cedato, tells ExchangeWire: “As a technology company dedicated to video, and seeing the fast growth rate of video consumption, we recognise that accurate optimisation and optimal monetisation are key to the longevity of the industry. Our tech solutions and premium marketplace are constantly evolving to meet that need and enable the natural growth that the industry is signaling towards.”

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