Geektime: An Israeli start-up reached 100 paying customers without raising a dime from Venture Capital funds

On a daily basis, Geektime reports about Israeli startups trying to raise money; these efforts usually come after the company has some sort of an idea and only sometimes an actual product. With the help of the funding they receive it’s easier for them to reach their users. At the same time, an Israeli start-up company named Cedato proves that there is an alternative way. Cedato, which was founded only a year ago , already launched their product, reached 100 paying customers and all this without a penny invested from Venture Capital Funds.

‘Ron Dick, founder and CEO’: Our solution stands out in its simplicity, unique algorithms, outstanding performance and a unique business model, which make it particularly attractive in the market. Cedato’s platform simplifies the ability to work effectively in the field of programmatic video, and to manage multiple sources of content and advertising while maximizing their value and maintaining optimal viewing experience on any screen.

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