Going, going, gone! Getting ready for the post-flash era

Chrome has been programmed to ignore Flash by the end of the year and Google is taking steps to unplug the Adobe player. Flash is being replaced with HTML5, a language that can run graphics without plug-ins and offer a safer, more efficient environment.
At Cedato, we strolled down the corridor to find out how our product wizards are preparing for the imminent shift.

Is Cedato ready for the post flash era?

Cedato’s Operating System is built from the ground up to be technology agnostic. Cedato’s player can work in both HTML and Flash environments. Our machine learning predictive algorithms have been programmed to match the right demand to the right supply and to support technologies on both sides.

What’s more, we regularly test our product on a wide range of devices and browsers, including Chrome version 53, to ensure our customers experience a smooth, consistent service.

We recommend to our partners and community, to make sure you comply with Google’s recommendations in a bid to maintain an optimized traffic flow across all Chrome versions.

When do you expect Flash to be abandoned by the ecosystem?

Although Flash was supposed to be retired a few times before, the industry seems to be more decisive this time, led by the IAB. According to the IAB, VPAID Flash has enabled vendors to monopolize the video player at the expense of user experience. Still, it is difficult to predict when exactly Flash will cease to be supported completely, and at Cedato we are optimized for both scenarios (with and without Flash).