exchangewire_cedatoExchangeWire, January 3, 2017 – For publishers, header bidding is revolutionizing the sale of display advertising. But can it repeat the trick for video? As Dvir Doron, CMO, Cedato explains, inefficiency is the dirty little secret of first-generation programmatic. When an ad impression is auctioned, publishers seeking the best price typically have to request bids from multiple sell-side platforms, in a sequential waterfall.

By sending that impression to multiple networks simultaneously, however, header bidding technology helps publishers gain the best price in the quickest time. No wonder 70% of publishers already use it, according to some sources.

But, while header bidding is bringing benefits to display, there’s a format that more desperately needs its help – and has even more to gain. Video publishers now need superhero header bidding to come swooping to their rescue.

Head of steam

With conventional pre-roll video prices having levelled out, new formats are finally blowing up the overall video advertising opportunity. Outstream and in-place units allow publishers to deploy video ads where there was no prior video content, and spending is booming.

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