Cedato Launches Industry’s First Automated Video Yield Optimization as a Service, Eliminating the Complexity of Cross-Screen Online Video Advertising

Tel Aviv, October 27, 2015 – Cedato, the leading cross-screen video delivery and yield optimization provider, today announced the official launch of its suite of in-stream and in-place video solutions that streamline video ad delivery across any screen and placement, automatically and algorithmically optimizing yield and fill-rate of unlimited sources and campaigns.

In an industry dominated by media platforms, Cedato uniquely offers its advanced technology as an easy to use video yield optimization service, keeping publishers and ad platforms in full control over inventory and campaigns. As an independent technology provider, Cedato focuses on the optimization heavy-lifting, maximizing revenue, supply and results.

Established in early 2015, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv and sales offices across the world, Cedato has already reached massive scale. We optimize over 5B video views each month, helping some of the industry’s leading platforms to significantly lift yield and fill-rate, delivering superior results compared to any in-house or 3rd party optimization.

The Cedato offering includes:

In-stream Video Solutions – serve linear video ads within standard video content placements, with streamlined syndication of unlimited advertising campaigns (tags) and-large player supply sources, and automated yield and fill-rate optimization. Cedato offers a self-optimizing intelligent master tag that contains unlimited VAST/VPAID tags and supply sources, and can be seamlessly used in any ad platform or exchange.

In-place Video Solutions – serve video ads over non-video content, generating substantial uptake in yield and revenue from existing placements on desktop and mobile (such as banners and apps). Cedato offers a JS tag with a built-in self-optimizing intelligent video player that appears on the assigned placement, aggregating unlimited demand sources and automatically optimizing yield and fill-rate by selecting the best demand source for any given impression.

In-mobile Video Solutions – a unified and seamless player solution for serving video ads on any mobile device, supporting both mobile web and native in-app, with in-stream formats for maximizing yield and utilization.

Broad eco-system support – extensive built in support for the industry’s leading demand partners and player technologies, with over 40 active integrations.

“According to eMarketer the overall US Video ad spending in 2016 will reach $9.59B, making Video the key opportunity for publishers and ad platforms. Yet, the video industry is complex – navigating today’s online video ecosystem is challenging, with an ever increasing variety of target devices, player technologies and formats, as well as a multitude of potential monetization sources. Built from the ground up for video, Cedato stands out with a unified platform that simplifies every aspect of managing scalable video monetization, generating the maximum yield and guaranteeing viewers get the same viewing experience on any screen and device”, explains Ron Dick, CEO of Cedato’s.