Instream video format - IntentView, the next generation of video formats

The unique in-stream video format

IntentView is a unique in-stream video unit that activates upon a user’s show of intent. The unit combines a dynamic video thumbnail preview that runs as a “picture in picture” overlay, which then expands into a full-view video ad. IntentView is a highly engaging video format, reflecting clear user intent to engage with the content of the video ad, and offers flexible pay-per-view or CPM models. View the demo

Engage your audience with a unique In-stream video format

Premium instream unit, high intent-based engagement with users

Pay only for engaged views, while gaining free secondary brand exposure

Algorithmically optimized for viewing experience and results

Use your existing campaigns and demand with better results

Why settle for preroll and midroll?

Advertisers looking for brand exposure in premium content and publishers looking to monetize quality video content find that they are generally confined to pre-roll and mid-roll formats. For the most part, these formats disregard user intent, thereby reducing engagement and relying mostly on viewers’ commitment to consume the video content.

Wouldn’t it be great to give viewers the freedom of choice, and gain their undivided attention on their own terms?

IntentView does just that.

IntentView starts running after the video content begins to play. It appears as a thumbnail view on one of the corners of the player. The unit transforms from thumbnail to full-view based on user initiation (mouse-hover or click). The initial appearance of IntentView is determined by by advanced decisioning algorithms to generate optimal completion rates.