MWC spotlight on Video

Is the mobile economy embracing programmatic video?

Over 100,000 people have just descended onto Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, one of the biggest technology shows of the year. Reporting live from the floor, our team at Cedato has plenty to say about the topics and trends dominating discussions at this mega event.

Speaking directly from Hall 8.1, this pulsating center of ad-tech, feels like a mini dmexco. To top it off, IAB in conjunction with dmexco today opened an internal conference focusing on the mobile-only marketplace.

No doubt, this Mobile World Congress marks the year when the mobile video economy is finally embracing programmatic video.

We couldn’t help notice that most corridor conversations down Hall 8.1 are revolving around video. Seems like we’re all in the same boat – we’re all trying to work seamlessly across multiple formats, screens and devices and keep the viewer happy while improving transaction processes.  One of the biggest talking-points across the alley ways is how to make sense of all the tools and platforms involved in the programmatic value chain?

In video, the fragmentation of data across multiple silos and the challenges involved in transactions make it an even more complex marketplace for programmatic processes.  Add a colossal amount of vendors vying to partner with marketers and publishers, and you end up with a thick soup of LUMA players looking to please publisher and marketer palates.

No wonder marketers and publishers are crying for more visibility, more clarity and less clutter in the supply chains.

Here at Cedato we’re doing a lot of listening. We realize there is a huge need to simplify the supply chain, consolidate the video tech-stack and collaborate with data partners. We’re working hard to add more value to the programmatic supply chain through innovative technologies, more partnerships, a robust video tech-stack, and a box of integration tools such as our open API.

If you are here at the conference working your way through hall 8.1 like us, and are interested in exploring business opportunities, we’d love to meet you face to face.