New Outstream video creates fresh revenue streams

Emerging Outstream units and new ways to monetize them

Outstream video has emerged as a powerful format. Hailed as the savior of the premium video glut, it provided a new way to expand video reach. And it promised higher monetization without the costs of creating custom content.

Although new Outstream units have become more popular, publishers are still missing out on monetization opportunities. This can be attributed to the stigma of being ‘less-premium’ than pre-roll video and a lack of familiarity with the new formats. Given the growth in popularity, yet residing uncertainty, we’re taking a fresh look at new emerging Outstream formats and the revenue opportunities they offer.

The winds of change

At first Outstream units were placed in between content blocks, without much consideration for the content itself. They were played in flash alone, often compromising the viewer experience. Nevertheless, being a way out of the premium video glut, publishers and advertisers were willing to explore Outstream’s promise of scalability, viewability and yield. Still, some remained skeptic.

Early signs revealing an increase in Outstream video’s popularity popped up last year in an IAB report, indicating that Outstream accounted for 43% of overall video spend and 56% of mobile video. A report last week by Extreme Reach, comparing video metrics from Q2 2016 with Q2 2017, found that the small video player, often associated with mobile Outstream units, saw a jump in usage from last year.

New Outstream units open up new monetization opportunities

Given the growing interest, the range of Outstream units has expanded to offer new In-content, In-slide, Interstitial and even customized formats. When combined with a modern player and advanced transaction technologies, they provide faster and more reliable ways to bid for and deliver better quality demand. Nevertheless, not all Outstream units are alike. Often the real estate they capture and user experience they can offer provide exciting new ways to move the needle and deliver more revenue.

See a sample of new Outstream units and ways monetize them

img r1.png


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In-content units are viewed within a content block and are displayed in a non-intrusive way.

They’re easily and quickly inserted into web pages through a simple copy-past code, without the need for video content.

They complement the user experience through an elegant scroll-over, particularly in mobile. When customized to reflect the content’s look and feel they offer a new native video experience.

Monetizing In-content:

The promise of a better user experience within the content block and the absence of technological constraints makes in-content an attractive revenue generating unit.

img r2.jpg



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Top-content units should be rebranded as premium Outstream.

These units glide into place in the highly esteemed real estate location above the content block.

With Top-content units an auto-play video ad appears above the text block the moment the page loads and then responsively adapts to the screen. The content drops to accommodate the unit and then smoothly transitions to its original position.

Monetizing Top-content:

The prized placement at the top of a content block gives top-content a clear advantage. It positions the unit in the most prominent editorial space while seamlessly integrating into the page. It pays to explore this placement and track its CPM rates in desktop and mobile.

image r3.jpg


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In-slide units are smaller placements that enter from a select corner in response to user engagement.

They initiate an auto-play only once a mouse hovers over and then elegantly slide out from a corner or side enabling the viewer to continue their browsing experience.

Monetizing In-slide units:

Given their size and non-intrusive nature, in-slide units are particularly suited for the mobile video experience. Mobile is expected to continue to grow, as small video players—less than 400×300 in pixels—saw a jump in usage. ( Extreme Reach report)

img r 4.jpg

Interstitial units

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Interstitial units usually form an overlay at natural transition points within the content either when a viewer enters the site or when navigating to a new page.

Monetizing Interstitial units:

The unit offers new ways to capitalize on transition points and maximize quality views. Particularly suited for mobile environments, it offers publishers another way to monetize mobile views.

In summary, Outstream video offers a life-line for monetization in web pages without video content. As a result many publishers have moved on from exploring the new format, to widespread adoption. New emerging units have created more viewability and monetization opportunities, but not all publishers are aware of their potential. It pays to become familiar with the new units and new ways to monetize them.

To discover new opportunities for monetizing Outstream video units, Cedato’s team of experts is happy to help.