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Powers over 15B monthly video views.

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For Sellers

Quality demand

Access top demand from direct and programmatic advertisers.

Unified yield optimization

Cedato's unique video header bidding optimizes across direct, programmatic and marketplace demand, guaranteeing the best yield for each impression.

Consistent viewing experience

Powered by the Cedato player and supply path optimization, your content and pages will load with minimal obstruction guaranteeing the best experience for your users.

Cedato player

All CedatoX tags are played on Cedato's smart video player guaranteeing high viewability and fill rates.

For Buyers

Direct-to-player Supply Path Optimization, minimizing QPS load

Each auctioned video impression is exclusively yield-optimized by Cedato’s video header bidding and player. Cedato’s unique predictive yield optimization guarantees that the impression will not tap the same demand through another source.

Massive premium video supply across desktop, mobile and connected TV

In-stream, out-stream and unique native video placements powered by the Cedato video player from the world's leading publishers, with built in uncompromised filtering for IVT and viewability.

No Re-auctioning

Once the Cedato player loads, it guarantees that the impression is not sourced from another video media supplier.