The Road to Dmexco – Part 1

Native video & header bidding to take center stage at Dmexco 2016

Cedato’s “Road to Dmexco Series” looks at program highlights, trends and topics leading up to digital advertising’s main event.

Dmexco 2016 is boasting a top-notch lineup of speakers and events and there is a profusion of video advertising discussions. In our short road to Dmexco series we’ll be looking at video advertising trends and conversations leading up to the event. This year we’re glad to see an influx in video advertising sessions and in particular, native video. Just goes to show how video is evolving and capturing center stage.

Native video advertising
We’re thrilled to see an entire section dedicated to native video. The session will be focusing oninnovative optimization and performance models and new growth opportunities, particularly in outstream and native video monetization. Be sure to catch up and hang out with us here. Looks like a lively one!

The ‘Dmexco campfire’ at the debate hall, is a new edgy initiative to feature an open “untamed discussion” on video advertising perspectives. The campfire will run free-flowing conversations and will break out into four streams. We can’t wait to join the conversation, make sense of the trends and engage with you folks.

Header bidding technology
We’re hearing a lot of noise around header bidding this year. Heralded as an innovative technology, header bidding is trumping strongly. With almost 70% of publishers turning to it as part of their monetization strategy, it’s not surprising to see an entire panel discussion focused on this disruptive technologyBeing a trail blazer in video header bidding, Cedato will be following the discussions on the impact on video. It will be exciting to compare Cedato’s hybrid client–server header bidding innovations with browser-side technologies.

Mobile video and programmatic
Programmatic drivers, spend trends and models will be discussed at the Europe IAB session. Cedato’s machine learning optimization technology is leveraging the power of big data to better serve this fast growing market. For advertisers and publishers, programmatic video represents a huge opportunity for improved efficiency and profit.

The fragmentation of screens
Dmexco features a session on the brand experience across multiple fragmented screens. This year the video landscape became increasingly fragmented, necessitating marketers and publishers to replace video campaigns with conversations. The emphasis on brand engagement means that advertisers are embracing native video and attempting to tell their story without disrupting the content flow. Cedato’s new native video toolbox is ideal for brands and advertisers wishing to create a new exciting brand experience format.

Cedato built the first open and robust Video Operating system based on a disruptive SaaS model. We breathe life into your video brand conversations while optimizing monetization.

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