First Video Supply Path Optimization, Powering Its New Video Marketplace

Cedato Launches Industry-First Video Supply Path Optimization, Powering Its New Video Marketplace

New solutions give publishers and advertisers a comprehensive toolset for modern video

Cedato, the leading programmatic operating system for video, today announces the launch of its proprietary video supply path optimization technology, a significant building block powering its new Marketplace. This product launch is part of a series of new developments all supporting the company’s vision for a shorter, optimized supply path, including the introduction of the new CedatoX premium marketplace, complete with customized quality verification and invalid traffic detection layer. Taken together, these technologies are designed to overcome the industry’s most pressing challenges by improving video yield and performance with uncompromised quality, at scale, for publishers and programmatic advertisers. Built with the intention of transforming the DSP ecosystem, Cedato’s new solutions include:

Video Supply Path Optimization: Combining predictive algorithms and direct-to-player optimization, Cedato is now able to map a ‘single-hop’ from bid to served impression. This first-of-its-kind optimization solution works hand-in-hand with Cedato’s video header bidding technology, to provide a fully optimized process to both advertisers and publishers. Now, when a programmatic buying platform makes a transaction, it is guaranteed the shortest path to impression, reducing latency and QPS load. This state-of-the-art supply path optimization technology employs algorithms to select the bid that will result in the shortest and most efficient path to impression, delivering the best yield, while overcoming re-auctioning issues and preventing video bidding duplications.

Marketplace: The new CedatoX, Premium Video Marketplace enables demand partners to access in-stream and native video supply, powered by the Cedato Player. Built for premium publishers using all or part of the Cedato video tech stack, the marketplace utilizes Cedato’s direct-to-player supply path optimization, and includes uncompromising fraud and viewability filtering.
The new marketplace extends Cedato’s original private and direct connectivity service with full-fledged auctioned Open-RTB interfaces for programmatic buying platforms.

Quality Verification: Cedato takes Invalid Traffic (IVT) scanning to a new level with both pre-bid and post-bid verification for all traffic, using a combination of proprietary development and best-of-breed technologies. Marketplace and platform customers can now easily customize their protection layer, with the addition of third party vendor compatibility to Cedato’s out-of-the-box integrated service. Cedato’s IVT scanning operates natively within the Cedato player and extends unparalleled flexibility to customers seeking to protect their demand partners while supporting traffic that is compliant with industry standards.

“With these important technology innovations, we are steadily developing the most streamlined solution for modern programmatic video transacting and monetization.” said Ron Dick, CEO of Cedato. “The combination of our seamlessly integrated video tech stack with our premium marketplace that runs direct-to-player, enhances the reliability, value and quality of video ads for both publishers and advertisers.”